A work in cp_process PT. II

So here we are, after a large hiatus of doing anything productive in my life I had an itch that needed to be aggressively scratched, I did that but then whilst scratching said itch I felt the urge to write a blog post.

It was going to be something else that I have now forgotten, as I forgot that, it's now going to be continuing my process articles where I teach you, shitters, how to play.

Last time (year) we went through middles, this time we are going to be looking at the second point and the most efficient ways to attack and defend it.

DEFENCE (sports related chanting)

Defending process 2nd is relatively simple, there are a number of factors to take into consideration, but to keep this as easily digestible as possible, it should just be a case of asking yourself who has uber/advantage?

This lets you decide whether to push or hold, obviously, it's not as simple as this, but you're shit, which is why you're reading this, so you need all the help you can get.

The standard defensive uber versus uber hold mainly needs to be situated around spire, this is a more passive hold that assumes you don't want to attack anytime soon and just want to be pushed into. (You can call this the Se7en strategy as it means you could be doing nothing for 15 minutes waiting for something to happen).

Spire is a good area to defend from, you have vision of every entry point as long as you have a bitch boy watching lower PC. You also set yourself up for hitting some sick air shots which are probably the most important thing.

With spire you have an easy escape route through “One”, remember to always have a pocket scout close to run your medic out when needed. Spire also allows your medic to bamboozle any incoming soldiers or threats with majestic swan -like surfing or if you're playing with a bad medic (serotone)....dropping.

Now, what if you want to hold a bit more aggressively I hear you ask? Well that's a fantastic question that I assume you just asked your monitor, here's how:

With how choke is designed I will always favorite holding it with a demo spamming and a pocket coming in to support whenever the fattest hundies are hit. It's incredibly narrow so it's easy for a demo to thwart any aggression, going forward is where you will need the assistance of a soldier, though, as getting caught out as a demo is very easy and you lack the mobility to get yourself out of these difficult situations.

Anyway, like the more defensive hold, you just need to have players positioned in a more aggressive stance to support any sudden push through the choke or an aggressive play to take out the Demoman. In some ways, your demo is there to be aggressively pressuring the enemy, getting information on how many players he sees, as well as acting as bait. I'd recommend having your roamer holding a bit further forward as having two soldiers jumping on any sudden choke push is very valuable. Naturally, this just needs a scout watching lower PC for any pushes and having another scout building and being the anti-air defence system.


standard aggro defence.png

As this is process, no match goes without a good 10-minute stalemate whilst everyone waits for a sniper to get a pick, so to help this surpass 10 minutes, we are going to set up a hold against a sniper.

It's important to keep someone on spire, here, they'll be able to see anyone that is on the right side of sewers. Now having the standard hold isn't a bad idea but it means the enemy can go through choke and make space for the sniper, you'd have to give up ground or let the sniper get free shots off.

If you hold the pipe, the sniper has to expose himself a lot more and you have soldiers that will be able to deal with him with a buff, you also can keep the demo aggressive near choke to still apply pressure. The only flaw here, and with process second in general, if the sniper peeks .from sewers in the main door, you can't really thwart it so much., If he headshots your medic, just call him a hacker and promptly disconnect from the server. Remember you can't lose the game if you're not on the server!

In the event that you are defending 2nd with a phat disadvantage, then you will have to go for the bitch boy hold, this is strictly non-committal, you want to delay enough to get uber and go for a phat repush or just fall back to last.

If you are wanting to defend last, sacking both soldiers is an okay thing to do. You can swap a scout to engineer or heavy and just hold out until you get extra spawns.

Think about it: If you sack 2 players for the force and you get it, the enemy team still has to cap spire, the remaining four should back out and hold, by that time the two sacking players should have spawned in time to buffer defence. Obviously, if you fuck this up, you can only blame yourselves.

For me, though it's best to not use the last point as a crutch, I feel that when you're practicing as a team it's important to challenge yourselves. Being able to push back on second after defending it is something that will help you claw back from behind in an official setting., Constantly falling back to last will make your team depend on enemies making mistakes when they push in and also puts more pressure on the team as pushing out 6v6 is a difficult task. If you're in the lead and there's not much time remaining, then go for it. But if you're behind, always try and push out, just go for it and when you start nailing the re-pushes and defences you will feel more comfortable around the map as a whole.

Attacking is quite a different beast because you’re attacking instead of defending, I know, it’s difficult to really understand.

So, with attacking one of the things I like to think about when calling a push is what your objectives are:

Do you want to push to focus capping?
Do you want to push to fuck shit up?
What about backcaps?

Now that’s incredibly basic also, but it sets a general rule, most of the time when people push, they don’t really know what they want doing when they push, you then get a case of different ideas going on which will ultimately make you fail. It’s always best to try and think: do you just want to bully them out of 2nd without really having to fight, or really go balls deep and try fully commit after an uber exchange for example.

The way the map is designed rewards a lot of aggressive play, you can easily force an uber without really committing any players, especially if the enemies want to hold the ground and not let up. This then results in the enemies bitch popping and then having to take a fight that they really don’t want to take. This will only suit you.

You will need a massive set of balls to pull this off, but it's very much possible.

You will need a massive set of balls to pull this off, but it's very much possible.

A standard push that I enjoy doing is going through sewers, to the far left door (attackers perspective), this allows you to get in and get a lovely view of the enemy team without having to uber (you can drop from stickies so please check). The next part is the tricky bit. You ideally would want to commit, I’d recommend taking a demoman and soldier for this, as the demoman can knock anyone off the point easily and a soldier can take part of the uber and go behind or crush the flank with what remains. It’s then advised to have a roamer take part after the ubers are exchanged. When the uber exchange is taking place, you’ll want to assess the situation the best that you can.


You need to judge whether or not the position you’ve gained is good enough to fight on, so if you haven’t made much ground and they still have control of spire then it might not be worth it, however if they are missing a pocket or demoman in the exchange it could very well be worth the risk to commit. Basically what you want is to decide whether or not it’s worth on getting your whole team involved. If you are not going to win the engagement, then back out, and everyone tries to stay alive. If there’s a chance you can win, then you’d want all your players to commit.

Next up is the standard choke push, this one is a bit iffy as pushing through choke isn’t exactly ideal, but you want to narrow it down to two scenarios:, if they are holding forward you want your demo to do some damage, fall back and go in for an exchange with a soldier. If the exchange is good then the soldier can then go behind or crush the flank and go from there.

If there is no forward hold, it’s best to take in a scout in first to just run through and check where the stickies are and where the enemy is. If they are passive on spire, you can then address it the same way as the push through sewers. Nothing changes.


Now in the event that you have a full uber advantage, it’s always best to push through PC. The main reason being is that if they are holding on the point when you push through PC, they are dead. Unless you’re awful at the game.

This is because PC allows you to get the most ground on second without being in a situation where you will get forced.

For this, I’d recommend walking the medic with a scout through PC itself and pushing with a demoman and a soldier. Make sure you go through lower PC though:, it’s risk free and it gives a lot more freedom of movement.

Popping early here isn’t a bad idea, but if you don’t get anything then you must go to last and start making plays. The enemy may not have time to set up a normal defence because they are expecting to get uber to push with, just go for it. You should have already capped spire anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, if you are fortunate to not uber early you can then push to last. There are a few more things that you can do to make a PC push more successful but those are strats for my team, so fuck you.

I would go through some pushes when you have a sniper, but then that means you are actively killing the game by playing so slow.

Anyway, I think I’ve covered a lot of stuff that should hopefully help you and your team be a little less shit.
I’m no longer disappointed in myself for taking so long to do these, I mean, it’s so much typing! What am I thinking?

Anyway, I should have the last part done soon. I won’t give a date because it might be next year. Who knows.

Regardless I hope this has helped in some small way.


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